Welcome, Cortney Alber

BCR has gone through some changes in the last couple of months, as some of you may already know. Our female lead singer, Mary, is no longer in the band. We wish her the best of luck with her musical endeavors in the future. We have added another female vocalist, Cortney Alber. She has been a great addition to the band. So far, things have been going great. We have already learned a ton of new material and are in the process of learning more. We are also starting to write more original material! We’re very excited about where this is going! This weekend, we are playing at a couple of new venues. Thursday night, we are at Bub City at 435 N. Clark St. in Chicago. From there, Cortney, Kyle and Brian will be heading to Tennessee to spend the weekend and to play at The Wanted Saloon in Dixon, TN Saturday night. Keep checking our “Events” tab to see where we will be playing next. We hope to see y’all soon!