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To book Back Country Roads for your club, festival, private event, venue, or special occasion please contact us for further information.

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    Manager : Dave Miller

    Phone : 815-751-5283

    Booking Email:

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    How much do you charge ?

    It depends on a few variables such as when, where and what we are required to provide in the way of production (sound equipment, lights, etc). June 1st to October 1st is our ‘Festival Season’ during which time we normally only do festivals but we will occasionally book a private party depending on our availability and the type of private party. Your best bet is to e-mail us at or call Dave at 815-751-5283 with the specifics of your event and Dave will get you a price based on that information.

    Is there an Acoustic version of the band ?

    Yes, there is. The acoustic version includes guitar, bass and vocals…no drums or 2nd The acoustic band is less expensive and a lighter sound but covers a lot of the same material as the full band. Contact Dave at or at 815-751-5283 for pricing and availability.

    Do you play receptions or private parties during the year?

    Yes, as long as we are available on the date requested and as long as you understand that we have a list of material that we perform and most likely won’t have time to learn a lot of songs specifically for the wedding reception.